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1172 Rollands Plains Road, Ballangarra


Avelon farm has collaborated with local farmers and sources all locally produced products to create the most beautiful and reasonably priced gift hampers on the coast of Australia! We are also a registered Border Collie puppy breeder, Boer goat breeder and a fragrant rose farm! 

Pickled Manzanillo Olives


Shop at Avelon farm for a range of gourmet household items sources directly from local Australian farms!

Avelon Farm has beautiful gift hampers, that can be custom designed or we can put one together for you without any hassle! 

Each product can be sold separately!

Avelon farm is a registered breeder of award winning border collie puppies!

Fragrant rose farm that we DELIVER FREE of charge to Port Macquarie residents!

Pickled Manzanillo Olives


Pickled Manzanillo Olives


hand picked and pickled in rainwater, no added chemicals , grown and processed in the Hastings distinct. The only ingredients in the jarr is olives, rainwater, salt and olive oil and either red wine vinegar or garlic or chille or Italian herbs. 

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